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Wholesalers to the retail and catering trades. Own label and new product development available.At Patnick's Preserves we make high quality jams,marmalades,jellies,chutneys and mustards,at our home in our kitchen in Par,Cornwall.





 Kea Plum Jam 340g.                       
 A rare and exquisite plum.
 Only grown in one area of
 It has a tarty taste.Popular
 with cream teas,an alternative
 to strawberry jam.                                                                                





                                                                                Cornish Ale Chutney 295g.
                                                            Made with Skinner's Betty Stogs Bitter.
                                                         Try our Cornish Ale Chutney with your
                                                        ploughmans lunch,and with a nice thick                                                               slice of fresh crusty bread.





Our preserves have been popular in the Westcountry for many years and have won several gold,silver and bronze awards,in regional food awards. Patnick's is proud to be a cornish company.  

Wholegrain Mustards 120g.
Nine choices of wholegrain mustards.
Which is your favourite.

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  We're listed on Cornwall Foodfinder where you can find Cornish food suppliers and manufacturers throughout Cornwall.


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