Welcome to Patnick's Preserves

Patnick's Preserves originated in Truro,Mike and Sue Coles purchased Patnicks in 2006,they had a thirving business,and new customers constantly,and expanding their product range.
Sadly Mike was diagnosed with Kidney cancer in 2008,and passed away in 2012.At that time they went down to 4 customers as she was nursing Mike.

At Patnick's Preserves we make high quality jams,marmalades, jellies,curds,chutneys,relishes,
and mustards at our home in Par, Cornwall.

Our award winning preserves are available from a number of stockists throughout Cornwall. Whether you are a wholesaler or are in the catering trade,or get in touch with us for more information about stocking our delicious homemade preserves.


All our produce is homemade in the traditional way using open pans and making small batches at a time in order to achieve the delicious taste that Patnick's Preserves have become known for.


All of our jars are filled and labelled by hand. This is time consuming but very rewarding. It also gives our produce their distinctive look.


We use high quality ingredients and believe that the best produce should be used accordingly. Wherever possible we will use locally sourced produce that is in season.